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A 23 years old Duff

I am 23 years old and I still get out of cash and mess with my fathers wallet.

Ya that sounds like a loser, a 23 year old looser.

Doesn’t matter my debit card is out of order, i have no cash, i had a great fight with my parents last night, still had the guts to do this.

Doesn’t matter right?

Because I am as lazy as it could get, I am as introvert as anyone would be or may be I am too lazy to talk to anyone

or may be this lockdown is now driving me crazy or may I am just worried that I would get another anxiety attack.

And because I am tired of being called a loser for 23 years stratight , or may be every time I google these day is either

“why am I so fucked up ?”

OR ” what is ego?”

Sometimes I can’t write, don’t know what to write, I am not a poet neither a poem.

Yes sometimes I hurt people who I love

Sometimes I say things that shouldn’t be told…

Sometimes I suffer alone and let people decide what I have been upto

Don’t know what’s right or wrong.

My ego flips me and keeps me on his knees until I mess up totaly

I am a mess , I know..

JUst want to know..

Have you ever gone through all of the above?

A well- written poem by Rabridnath tagore – After all this, This is what saved me…

Take a ride and read.


Want to travel again? safest places for post COVID trip….

While COVID -19 is busy in turning our world upside down, travel bees are still eagerly waiting for this pandemic dust to settle down.  But what keeps them more awake is the worry of their safety since “safety comes first”.

In these uncertain times, some places are a total relief for travellers. After months of restraining in our homes, our urge to travel and reconnect with this world is elevating.   Travellers waiting for the Entry on  Airport  from 14 (safe) non- European countries.

 Recently a study was done on the top 200 safest countries during COVID -19.

Switzerland came out to be the safest country in the world, with a total score of 752 points against all 130 parameters as per the categories defined for  healthcare facilities among others.

No wonder why European countries are re-opening their borders and aviation industries are starting to pull off. This time, summers in Europe can be a blindside experience for many avid travellers.

The list is on for European countries. But there are still few guidelines you need to follow as a traveller for your safety concerns.

  1. Always keep the basics in your mind- social distancing, wearing masks every time if possible or whenever necessary.
  2. People with some respiratory diseases or older age should be vigilant before even planning to travel.
  3. Travelers should take responsibility for their loved ones who are quite fragile.

Above guidelines should be followed before you pick your bags up and hit this 2020 best friend COVID behind.

  These places have no restrictions and are allowed for travel from the 1st of July.

  1. Corfu , Greece


This heavenly island nation is the best place to be in solace after months and months of quarantine. This place comes under the list of 14 countries winning safety points among other countries.

“We will win the economic war just as we won the health battle,” prime minister, Mr Mitsotakis said.

So far with 193 deaths, Greece has already proven what a successful lockdown is, setting up a solid example for other countries on how to re-open successfully

2. Cavtat, Croatia

This free-spirited place located between magic city of Dubrovnik on one side and beautiful  Konavle region on the other has made face mask mandatory as per FCO guidelines (foreign and commonwealth office) which ensures more safety for travellers.

“The basic principles behind the new rules are that social distancing will be required and that more frequent and different kinds of cleaning procedures are to be followed.” says the tourism minister, Gari Cappelli.

 Access of 24/7 health care facilities and with well-stocked functional hospitals located in all major cities and towns are acting in favor of why Europe is in the list of least affected countries.

3. Warsaw,Poland

Artists painting mural depicting medical workers wearing masks 30 march, 2020.

With a population of over 1.8 million, Warsaw is the largest city in Poland.  “Warsaw is one of the most incredible cities in Europe”, writes European best destinations (EBD). The Polish health care system is quite adamant in their health resources. Example: (6.6 beds per 1000 inhabitants).

 With up to 20 times less contamination than the most-affected countries of western Europe, this place had already taken hold on the list.

4.Vienna, Austria

Relaxing and chilling in the summers are the highlights of this place. With the smallest in area and largest in population, this place is best suited for nature lovers in entire Europe.

The ongoing chapter of accessible digital platforms like Episys,  which manages the entire data of patients and traces the activities related to the virus are some promising initiatives taken by the health service city of Vienna.

“Experience in countries that have handled it well has taught us that we have to move gradually,” Economy Minister Margarete Schramböck told Austrian TV. There are 10 times fewer infected people among other countries in this place although a health certificate is needed for the entry part.

5. Vilnius, Lithuania

The city is acclaimed for its baroque architecture, seen especially in its medieval old town. From the arrival of “travel bubbles” to re-opening the borders this place has raised the bars for other countries in terms of both fighting the virus and maintaining the economic strength.

With only 79 deaths, this place should be marked safest on the post COVID list of travelers. The non- negotiable proximity to the hospitals and resource make this place even safer.

The void I can’t fill….

I always thought holes are mean’t to be filled, voids are mean’t to be occupied and life is mean’t to be fun and get going.

But when I am drowning in my emotions, no such ideas gives me a punch to wake up!!

Wake up from that deadly dream, where all the doors are closed , anxiety steps in, makes me feel naked, get inside me and then keep torturing me until

Until I water my own roots with my own tears.

Until I make myself forget, it’s a feeling then why the hell it comes back every single time….

Every single time I want to be better, better then who I was yesterday

A better daughter

A better sister

A better Girlfriend

A better human being

Why does it always catches me from behind and stops me to be who I really am.

When I say Art is a therapy, Yes it is…

your tears needs papers, your emotions needs words and

Your anxiety needs company,

It can be a person or an Art,

Write it down
scream it Outloud
feel it in the music
plz plz plz
LET IT OUT......

It’s a void I don’t know how

Can I even fill it…

It keeps pouring in , I keep getting hurt

But now when I feel it

I let it out of my heart, my home and myself…


IT is still a void that cannot be filled….

– Anxiety Day 1

I still feel nostalgic for This Place In Himalayas.

The thought of trekking in the laps of Himalayas always sounds fascinating. While some places are great for fabulous holidays, there are few places that you can never forget. One such place is Chopta, Tugnath trek.

Popularly known as ‘Mini Switzerland’ among travelers, this place is nestled amidst the mountains of Uttarakhand at an altitude of 2600 meters. The inspiring views in this place teaches you why this place is worth travelling. There are some facts which will leave you awe-struck and will push you to book tickets and visit this place.

1. The Place Of Divine Wisdom

While struggling your way up and reaching the semi-paved path to Tugnath temple, in split seconds you will realize that you are at the highest Shiva temple in the entire world (yes, in the entire world).

image source – Unsplash

2.  Perfect Choice For All Seasons

Quite confused, right? You don’t need to think twice when heading towards this fairyland(that sounds better). Whether it’s breathtaking monsoon or the gleaming sun, every season just blends with your zealing emotions in this place.

So, don’t think too much if you are planning a trek here. Just listen to your voice and start your adventurous journey.

3. The Vibes of Mother Nature Are Pure

Holding the perfect vibe of lush green grasses, and the aesthetic view rolling down in Garhwal Himalayas are perfect to seize you from inside. The beauty of chop ta hills couldn’t be penned down in few words. The cool and pleasant climate drives you to stay close to the mother nature and clench your inner thoughts while enjoying here.

image source- Unsplash

4.The Thrilling Himalayas Embraces Your Presence

Touching the feet of Himalayas, feel the ecstatic view of Chandrashila (4090 m), your blurred eyes will show you the true essence of what mother nature has in there for us.

Also known as “the moon rock”, this place will leave an unforgettable mark in your mind with a surreal view of the great Himalayas. The snow-capped Nandadevi, Trisul, Kedar Peak, Bandarpunch and Chaukhamba peaks are branches of these wonderful mountains which you shouln’t miss anyway. From the mythological perspective, Lord Rama meditated here after defeating the demon-king Ravana. (A point to remember).

Also considered as the base for amateur trekkers, the Chopta trek is perfect for starting your trekking journey since the difficulty level and distance is quite less and the two major treks Tupungato-Chandrashila and Deoria Tal are quite easy to sweep.

After reading this, you shouldn’t feel out of the question that’s why Chopta hills are best for your onset quest.

image source- Unsplash

This authentic experience made me realize that nature has its own colours. Fall in the lap of Himalayas and nature will reveal it’s all beautiful secrets. The Sari to Deoria Tal was the best of the best spot in my trip. So, cherish this adventurous trip, sit back and relax in nature with spectacular sunset and lodging wood.

For this perfect tour, here are the itineraries to follow:

Day 1 – Drive Haridwar-Sari (7 hours).

Day 2 –  Trek to Deoriatal (3kms).

Day 3 – Deoriatal to Chopta through Rohini Bugyal (14 km, 7-8 hours trek).

Day 4 – Chopta Circuit.

Day 5 – Trek Chopta-Tungnath (3680m), Chandrashilla Top (4130m) and back to Chopta (7-8 hours).

Day 6 – Chopta to Haridwar (Drive 7 hours).

5 ways to be a great thought leader .


In the world where everyone is busy in following each  other there are people who stand out and make others pave their path to success.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” –  Simon Sinek

What great leaders do is always a topic of great concern,they believe in you ,they create you ,they help you to reinvent yourself .

And to follow the traits of a great thought leader to provide the people with the refreshing thoughts,knowledge and a vision

You need to follow this 5 steps and that too consistently.

1. Having a clear vision.

Great leaders are never uncertain or unclear upon their thoughts ,their process or their vision.

You need to have a long term vision  and that too crystal clear .

Many people out there have ideas that they want this but that also yet they are not clear about what they really want .so having a clear vision and creating a community of like minded people who believe in your vision and are ready to help you in your journey .

That’s leadership.

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”     –  zig ziglar


 2. Com you nicate instead of communicating.

Most of the people are always busy in talking about their brand,their thoughts ,their thinking  .

STOP ,you need this .

you need to put more interest in others life ,their problems and think of a solution that’s what great leaders do.

You need to understand the meaning of COM you NICATE that is rather than convencying people try to connect with them.

We all are humans and  are tied with a knot of emotions .

Try to feel it and you will connect with everyone.

“Communication is the language of leadership”


3. Be passionate about your topic.

Even the dumbest introvert can speak about his favourite game ,his favourite book so find the particular niche that you are passionate about .

And then remember your topic is your breathe .

Yes, It is what you have an authority on and it should be pumping throughout your body so that no one else can retrieve it .

Thought leaders dug deep and even deeper to realize  so that their topic can have great impact and add value to others life.

To understand your topic well you only need   to get in love with your topic by Matt Sweetwood.


4.  Be Authentic

The great thing about thought leadership is you can build relationship on the pillars of trust while being authentic.

“The only power you have  in you is being you”

Authenticity is the key to success .

Not only in any business but everywhere thought leadership has a great impact and great value also.

Here is the research which have a proof of leadership Where a vendor has to participate in RFP process.    

And 47% said that their contact is influential and have great impact .

50% of B2B marketers beleive Thought leadership has helped in building trust and relationship between in their organization.    

5 . Be a social animal

Where some people are camera conscious ,inconsistent  with their content the only way to stand out and get in a position where

You are either fully IN in the game Or OUT .

Is to be  social .Get up each day and hit 50-60 emails per day,curate content on each platform consistently , engage with people ,your community and your tribe.

Saying “hello” doesn’t have an ROI its about building relationship – Gary Vanerchuk

Get clear and addicted to your vision so that people can trust and believe in you .

Give more and ask less.

That’s how you get social .

Your turn

Being a Great thought leader is having a vision ,a mission and a relation .

Hope this was valuable .

Comment below your favourite leaders and feel free to ask any question.

Thanku 🙂



These 4 words are amazingly powerful .




We humans are made up of emotions , thoughts and a never-ending relentless thinking process . Yes those thoughts that are made up of words .

But when we talk about the powerful words , these are the words that shoves your mind to feel and exxagerate at different points .when you feel low , they can make you feel high , when you are so excited , one word can make you feel stressed out , that’s the power of words.

Many of researchers have got startling results on how words can influence our mind .

Forget about all , just listen to this what happens when you see those motivational ted talks  , what happens when you listen to your favourite motivational songs , Its not the background music , the source or the page but they are those Words .

Using brain imaging, scientists have built a map displaying how words and their meanings are represented across different regions of the brain.

I will make sure that the research will help you to get to the point , but now getting back instantly to our 4 powerful words that can help you to influence the person next sitting to you .

Let’s dive into it…..

1.  You screenshot_20180626-195418.png

This word not only helps to get attention of the reader , your first client or your first audience rather it makes them stick to the page or to feel audited towards the speaker or writer .

What happens when someone tells you “you can do this , go ahead ” or “you are responsible for your great success ” .

It gives you a sense of personal attention that’s why you listen to the speaker .scientists have researched that A  single brain spot is associated with a number of related words. And each single word lights up many different brain spots.Scientists have created an “atlas of the brain” that reveals how the meanings of words are arranged across different regions of the organ.

You can get more information about this on

2. Because 

Why we humans only trust the reasons , the reason behind each sentence because we love reasons they are like the explanation behind every thought , every mistake and even every word that you speak.

Since, I have already use because to show you it’s power now read this example

“Excuse me ,  I have to dial  a  number, can I use your phone ”

” Excuse me , I have to dial this number because it’s urgent , can I use your phone”

“Excuse me ,I have to dial this number because I have list my phone, can I use your phone ”


Just think about the 3 examples you have just read above, it’s resembles the same study which is very famous and was firstly showed up by copybloggers by Gregory  Ciotti.

In which the first example show  only 60% compliance .

The second example shows 93%compliance but the third example has  the most significant and powerful reason which makes it 94% compliance .

So this means if your request is small follow your request with the word “because ” and win others trust by giving a perfect reason.



3. Care


This word in itself shows the empathy and the reason to provide value to someone .

“I really care about you ” in this sentence when the person is told in a positive way , the brain boosts up it gets rewired and  the beleive of the next person in you turns out to be a great sense of beleive in yourself.

The power of positive words are explained in various books but there is one such story that changed a  shy , introvert and young child lifes with his “A” grade story in which his teacher beleived and Cared about him in such a way that he ends up turning his dreams into realities .

” the power of the spoken word! We never know but what we say and the way we say it might completely change someone’s life.”

You can dive into the story from this lettervile on this link


4. Thanku


You know we humans love the fact when someone shows us the gratification , the gratitude MAGIC but never really consider to give it back .

Just do this exercise from your sunny morning till the dawning evening  note down the number of times you said ” thanku ” to someone may be your milkman who is always ready to knock at your door every morning , even your children who helped you in your house hold chores , even your maid and then feel the gratification that helps you make social bonds with the people around you and within yourself also .

The question here arises why you should take up with Thanku economy then please go and have some eye contact  with Gary vanerchuk new York best seller book ” The thanku economy ” in which he has not only explained the physcology behind the word “thank you ”  .He tells that business is not about marketing it’s about physcology  where people are in need of a thanku economy ; the clients , the providers , the investors , they are in need of gratification which helped him to raise his million dollar business just with the word ” Thank you “.

Psychologyfound that a mere word “thank you” more than doubled the likelihood that those providing help would provide assistance again.  The research also found that a ‘thank you”also helps in  increase of 50 percent in terms of productivity and an increase of 15 percent in the average amount of time a person spent providing assistance.



I know that we all say”  words don’t matter ”  but I hope after reading this article you will be in a position to say words do matter resonating with our actions also .

Try to inculcate all the positive words you can and the last one “Thank you ” will make your Inner self rich and a likable person .

Let me know in the comments your favourite words with a reason and it can be any reason.



4 amazing tips on perspective that can change your way of thinking.

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception “

Thinking that world deceives us is the fate of being a human being but try to hunt in deeper you will found that the only person responsible for seeing the world through a different eye or through the same is you .

It only takes one thought , one man and one vision to change the world . But I am not telling you to change the world instead just shift your mind through a different angle so that your perceptive level gets increased and helps you to find a way even when the odds are against you .

Here are the 4 amazing tips on perspective that will change your way of thinking .


1 Find your why

Every morning we wake up with so many headache  that work , that project, that meeting , that presentation . We all perform these tasks but no one ask the  most important questions  that is WHY we do these tasks.There are very few people on this earth who know why they are living and why they do what they do others are just existing. 

The importance of your why could be easily found in The book of one of the greatest leaders and such a empowering speaker Simon Sinek who just talks about the fact that why Apple is the greatest innovator of all times .

He said ” people don’t buy  what you do , they buy why you do it ”

The most inspiring and the most successful people have a purpose that’s there why which gives then a kick to go far even when life is pulling them backwards .


2. Stop complaining

When you are there to put a dent in the universe , there are going to be tough times, there are going to be negative thoughts but that doesn’t mean that your dream is small or you are not deserving .

The moment we start compalining about each and every situation the perspective of looking on even the simplest things turns into hardest one because negative thoughts invades our mind .

“I can’t  change the direction  of wind but I can adjust the my sails to  reach my destination “- Jimmy Dean

To embrace what you have and to learn how you can go further with just a shift of perception is what you really need to work upon.

So just Stop Complaining and start doing.

3. Smile more


Smiling is a great exercise, No sweat , No hard work still effective in a great way .

You do push ups to build up your muscle and smiling is just the same  exercise  to build up your mind. You remember the group of 5 old people standing in the park and laughing for more than 3 min holding hands and sharing love .

THIS is the power of smile , researchers have found that even faking a smile that is tricking your brain can lead to positive thoughts out there and helps you to look at the things in a more finite way and  embrace the change in your perspective .

Being the happy person will cost you nothing but it will help others to get inspire because nothing great can be achieved if you don’t enjoy the process and don’t smile .so keep smiling .

4 Read books

To open your mind and view this world through a different eye ball , you do need some learning that is different from others that is  not based on the old perspectives of people .

I will tell you this book ” Tuesday’s with Morrie ” has given me a thriving experience about an old men who is in his 60s and is suffering from a terrifying disease ALS in which you are just able to see your organs decaying day by day and yet can’t do anything about it .He was just experiencing that what death looks like  when its already infront of you .

But leave all this informative issue, what made this book so spanking it was the way he looked at his life filled with gratitude, empathy and love that even in his last weekend’s he told  his student to spend some Tuesday’s with him and talks about the world and his own story that he is still the luckiest person on this earth even coming so close to death in return the love and compassion he is getting from his loved ones is priceless and I mean who have the guts to say these lines when you are going to die next week .

THIS is what perspective does , it will shake you on and off the beats , your view and your way of thinking will get mashed up to bring something new to this world.

“What everyone else can’t see , can only be seen by you ”

That the magic of perspective.


Now it’s your turn to turn my words into action and comment below what do you thing about having your own perception  in   this world which always belief in seeing through one eye and in one direction.